Few months later

Hi Everyone,
A few months later, we are on a way to start cares for our plantation again. Since the last time we wrote we managed to do several things.
First of all, we collect all dripping system hoses, due to the low temperatures in winter. I do not know if you heard but this winter was extremely cold – something like -15/-10 Celsius. Which is not very low if it is for day or two, but this winter we had 20 days in a row with this temperatures.
Fortunately, together with the low temperatures we had A LOT of snow, so our plants successfully go through the winter. At present there are just small leaves coming from the soil. Our first mission will be to remove the worst of the weeds – dog’s weed. Next weekend we will make the first operations, and after that we will hoeing the whole place.
Meanwhile, we should finalize and hear with our partners from the bio certification company in order to made plan for the bio growing for this year.
Our plans included preparation of the land – removing the weeds, watering, harvesting and steam distillation of the essential oil. As there are 4 months until the first production, now is the time to choose the packaging of the small bottles that will be for sale. We should also make an agreement with a partner which will packed them for us, or we will do it by ourselves.
There is a work to be done, so from now on you will receive more updates from me, as well as I will make promotion for the first subscribers which will join our journey!
Hope to see you soon,