Hi Guys,

This is my lifetime project – growing a priceless herb, famous in the whole world, the unique Melissa Officinalis or so called Lemon balm in the Western World.

Be my guests and I will guide you through the adventure of creation of Lemon balm Essential Oil, grown for being bio certified.

Our adventure will begin with some history and facts about the lemon balm and how we decided to leave our 9/17 job to grow herbs, as well as a little bit of pictures until the current stage of our farm.

For the next months I will guide you and together will share the process of creation of something special – true lemon balm essential oil, produced by us and in partnership with our friends. As I don’t have permission to mention names at present, I will try to keep the names for letter stage of our Blog.

I think that my first Blog is ready and as it was something difficult I am going to take a nap.

Best regards folks,