Finding the right place

And then my adventure began…

First of all – we decided to produce a Lemon Balm, the Queen of herbs. The plant is very common in our country so we decided that is a big plus if we want to grow it. Another fact is that there is a demand for the essential oil but the number of successful growers is very low. There are lots of tricks according to our friend who helped us in our project, but there will be a word for that latter. So the decision was made – our purpose is to grow Lemon Balm with clear target – distillation of pure, authentic essential oil. The oil is easy to store, there are not very special equipment which should be bought and there is a demand, or these were the initial thoughts…

First step after deciding the plant variety, was to find a land to grow it! It sounds easy but… just try to get a good piece of land in a sunny and fertile region in a small country like ours, where almost 95% of the land is part of big farms and nobody wants to hear about your 2 acres… because this is the scale – 2 acres of land for our own farm. There were another very important factors – lots of sunlight, good soil, workforce, irrigation /very important for the plant/. What we do? Of course we ask the old people – my fiancé’s grandma. The woman had several small pieces of land in the very center of Bulgaria, where the soil is good and the village is famous with the irrigation systems but there was another obstacle how to work on landplots not bigger than 0.2 acre and how to make a farm. And here I can say that we are very lucky guys, because all obstacles until know we passed as magic!

The old woman used to be a teacher to one of the local biggest farmers, she spoke to him and he agreed to give us a land for 5 years /normally this is the growing period for Lemon balm on the same place/. The land was covered with sunflowers but in autumn we were free to move… and the interesting part began.

Sunflower field - the right place 2 months earlier
Sunflower field – the right place 2 months earlier

We needed seedlings from reputable supplier, we needed workforce, we needed soil analysis, we needed registered company, accountant, irrigation for the plants, permission from the local authorities… the list is endless or it was at this moment.

How we do it? With love and dedication 7/24!



What we are doing – the very beginning

Hi Guys,
This site is very special for me and my hope is that it will become special for you too! May be sound crazy but this site and the idea in it are my dreams and furthermore the road of the implementation which I hope we would walk together!
Let’s begin from the main idea
– I will tell you an entrepreneurial story from the very beginning and as it is still not finish will would become a part of it if it is interesting to you
– Second thing is not less important – this site is about a product, highly expensive, unknown in his bigger part, and mythical for most of the people.
– This site is not ordinary – it is adventure for me, and would give you a good decision for the product I offer. Why? Because you would be part of the creation process and would become a Client at the end if you like the result, if not we could learn together in this adventure.
What we are doing – creating a small bio organic farm of Lemon balm /Melissa Officinalis/ in Bulgaria, as at present we are in the first year of creation it! Very exciting for me and my family as we are city boys and girls but dreaming for creation something that is back to the nature. Some days later I will write it down how we decided to enter in such a “business” and all moment strange moments for us.
The funny part is that we are managers in financial institutions in our county so that is really a dream to us, to have a business outside the office buildings and it was not easy at all to set it up!
My story of dreaming
I am 30 years old guy with 8 years in financial services background and dream to create small business not only to watch from distance.
I was born in a small town in Bulgaria, and my ambition was to study for astronomer so I went to finish my secondary education in Mathematical high school. After that I went to economical university where graduated BS and MS of Finance. After several year I saw that my job is not satisfying me, so when I was 25 I started to research an online businesses – niche sites, e-comers shops and so on. After several month in which I could not come to an action I left the idea and focused again to my career. 2 years latter 2 friends of mine and I became to think for crowdfunding site in Bulgaria, but after all we left this too.
It was obvious that only thinking and not making would never make me an entrepreneur and I decided that I need a change, namely change in mind and change in actions. Meanwhile I was attracted by a business which is not an online one, but opposite – there was not much information online. The business is the one with herbs – selling and buying. After making a docent of financial models, reading everything in my language in internet, I decided to act! May be the most important step until now.
How I acted at first? Made the research, made the financial models, but still there was not enough information online. The next step was to see a person who would give me some advice to start. After a couple of phone calls to different unknown people I find a woman who was in the business with herb seedlings – perfect source of information I thought. Super, but… she said some scary truths – this business wants a serious investments, there are big players which would never help you and it can’t be made without full dedication 24/7. I suppose more of these facts but this was the moment that I decided – if you want something you should try to get it, not matter what is the obstacle.
And then my adventure began…